Aisle411 enhances Marsh Supermarkets’ shopping and navigation app

Mobile retail navigation service Aisle411 will be offering its indoor mapping services to Indianapolis-based Marsh Supermarkets. The retailer seeks to improve the shopping experience for its customers by leveraging the navigation platform via its new Marsh App.

Shoppers can use the Marsh App, built for Marsh by Taqtile Mobility, to find where products are located inside the 81 Marsh, O’Malia’s or Mainstreet Market Stores in Indiana and Ohio. Marsh licensed Aisle411’s product locator technology and store maps inside the Marsh App so customers can find products, map shopping lists and take advantage of weekly offers.

“We are excited to add Marsh Supermarkets to our growing group of innovative retailers who digitize their stores to provide innovative app functions that help consumers find what they want when they want it,” said Nathan Pettyjohn, CEO of Aisle411. “Our company continues to change what it means to customize the consumer shopping experience inside a retail environment. Our technology puts a retailer’s entire inventory in the palm of a customer’s hand by way of a searchable indoor map.”

Aisle411’s platform collects, organizes and monetizes retailers’ product inventory and location data. The company has also partnered with positioning technology providers to help garner merchandising insights and provide relevant messages to customers — such as welcoming them back to the store, asking customers if they need assistance once they find the products they are searching for or displaying coupons for items they are currently near.

According to Aisle411, the new partnership with Marsh has the ability to reach more than 2 million weekly shoppers at 81 Marsh-operated locations. The deal adds to the more than 12,000 retail locations across the country that use Aisle411’s mapping platform. Marsh touts itself as the first grocery store in the world to use electronic scanners to make purchases.



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