All You ‘likes’ what it sees socially

The smart shopping brand and magazine All You from Time Inc., doubled its Facebook community during the past year and recently surpassed one million fans.

The 10 year old property, initially launched with distribution exclusively at Walmart, was developed on a social premise whereby readers create a large portion of the content including shopping strategies, money-saving recipes and household tips. Readers often find their posts on All You’s Facebook page incorporated into the editorial pages of the magazine. In addition to Walmart, All You is sold nationally at retailers such as Kroger, CVS, Barnes & Noble, Safeway, Target and Publix stores.
“At All You, we are all about sharing ideas that integrate our readers’ best advice, whether affordable family-friendly recipes or fashions that fit real women’s bodies and budgets,” said All You editor Nina Willdorf. “Facebook is an essential platform for us to hear directly from her, and connect her with like-minded women.”
All You posts a mix of daily deals, beauty and health advice, easy meals for less than a dollar, family-fun craft projects, and recently, author Nicholas Sparks hosted a chat on All You’s Facebook page, his first time doing so with a media brand.

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