Auction nets $40K for kids’ school supplies

An innovative fundraising effort by trade event organizer ECRM will result in a $40,000 donation to support the Kids in Need Foundation effort to provide free school supplies. ECRM conducted an auction for the final spot in its popular School & Office event, which normally cost participating companies $16,950. As a result of the auction process, cleaning products manufacturer Cyber Clean bid $40,000 to secure the last position at the event.

“This auction enabled us to take advantage of an excellent business opportunity and benefit a superior cause,” said Cyber Clean president Alan Sutton. “ECRM has always provided an efficient platform for us to meet with so many retailers in a condensed time period. For Cyber Clean, it is completely worth the $40,000 donation.”


All of the proceeds from the winning bid will be donated to the Kids In Need Foundation, a non-profit organization with the mission to ensure that every child is prepared to learn and succeed by providing free school supplies nationally to students most in need. The Kids In Need National Network of Resource Centers includes 24 facilities that allow teachers from low-income schools to obtain free school supplies for their students.


“Kids In Need is an amazing organization that we have been involved with for several years,” said ECRM CEO Charlie Bowlus. “We saw this as an excellent opportunity to raise funds and awareness for the organization. We stand behind their mission and will continue to support them and promote their cause.”


ECRM offers a unique meeting format and process that differs from traditional trade shows due to the fact that participants are involved in one-on-one, pre-scheduled meetings.


“ECRM is not only a great format for the attendees, but the design of it means the Kids In Need Foundation can attend and speak with the major players in the industry that established our Foundation,” said Dave Smith, executive director of Kids In Need. “Because of our mission, Kids In Need knows what role having school supplies plays in the success of children in the classroom.  We can remind the attendees how important their business is to the futures of these children.”

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