Dick’s upgrades interactive pro football jersey rankings

Football season is underway and Dick's Sporting Goods has upgraded its "Jersey Report" with advanced features to provide fans insights into pro football jersey sales at store locations nationwide and online. 

Updated daily, the Jersey Report offers fans a comprehensive breakdown of how the sales of their favorite players' jerseys are rising, falling and stacking up against the competition.  

Building on the first edition last season, the Jersey Report functions as a one-stop shop where fans can not only follow the popularity of their favorite players’ jerseys, but also get customizable statistics and information. The "Stat Wall" feature lets fans compare specific players or teams against rivals and also lets them create detailed graphs featuring jersey sales by player, team, position and division. These comparisons can be broken down by week, month or season-to-date and shared on fans' social networks.

"As a premier destination for authentic jerseys and licensed apparel, Dick’s Sporting Goods constantly looks for ways to further connect passionate fans with the players and teams they love and support," said Lauren Hobart, SVP and chief marketing officer. "The Jersey Report brings a new level of engagement to the game by offering easy access to unique and compelling stats never before available about players' and teams' jersey popularity."

New for this season, the Jersey Report incorporates compelling jersey-focused feature articles, fans' stories and expert analysis on the driving factors behind ranking changes.  

The upgraded Jersey Report will also provide the same stats and analysis for hockey jersey popularity beginning in October.

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