Fresh & Easy’s Shop for Schools fundraising program goes digital

Fresh & Easy is bringing back its Shop for Schools fundraising program with some notable improvements. Powered by the national fundraising program eScrip, it will kick off in time for the start of the 2014/2015 school year.

Shop For Schools is now fully digital and tied to Fresh & Easy’s Friends loyalty program in an effort to make it even easier for schools and parents to participate and raise money. Instead of collecting thousands of paper receipts, parents, teachers, family and friends will be able to register their Fresh & Easy Friends card to earn up to 5% for their designated school with every transaction at stores. The program will also run all year long, giving parents and customers even more opportunity to participate.

“We wanted to bring Shop for Schools back and make the program even easier so more schools and parents can participate,” said Mike Evans, Fresh & Easy’s head of marketing. “Supporting local schools has always been an important goal for Fresh & Easy and we’re glad to renew that commitment by bringing the program back.”

“We are very proud to add Fresh & Easy as a partner to the eScrip program,” said Ian Diery, president and CEO of eScrip. “Our merchant partners exhibit a strong commitment to the communities they serve by generously making these contributions available to the schools, which is so greatly needed and appreciated. Our relationship with Fresh & Easy and in turn their loyal customers solidifies our mutual belief in working together in support of our local communities.”

Shop For Schools powered by eScrip will kick off July 23.

Fresh & Easy operates 167 stores in Arizona, California and Nevada.



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