Gillette offers chance to win a trip to Super Bowl

Now that we know the two teams that are heading to Super Bowl XLVIII Sunday, Feb. 2, Gillette is offering a chance for football fans to score last-minute tickets to the big game via Twitter.

Linebacker Clay Matthews will announce one winner each day via his personal Twitter handle, @ClayMatthews52 between now and Jan. 24.

Participants are asked to search for Gillette’s promotional tweet which is hashtagged #ShavePaintWin and retweet @Gillette with a photo of their best game-day face paint. Retweets must include @Gillette, the #ShavePaintWin hashtag and participating men must be clean shaven to be considered.

Fans may re-enter each day to increase their chances. Each winner will be chosen at random to receive two tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII, along with hotel accommodations and airfare.



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