Jack Link’s gets to meat of the election

The marketing team at Jack Link’s Beef Jerky has outdone themselves with a clever and lighthearted brand-building effort that plays off the presidential election. The company is asking consumers to vote for their favorite “meathead,” a two-foot-by-three-foot likeness of president Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney made from various types of jerky.

“For years, political and cultural figures have earned the distinction of having their likenesses preserved for all time using the artistic medium of the day,” said Jeff LeFever, director of marketing for Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. “In the light-hearted spirit of the brand, we commissioned artworks that used jerky instead of paint. Now, Jack Link’s asks all Americans, ‘which meathead will you vote for?’”

Jack Links, the number one meat snack brand in the United States, worked with San Francisco-based mosaic artist Jason Mecier to create an original series of artwork using its meat snacks as the creative medium. Earlier this year, Jack Link’s and Mecier unveiled a meathead portrait of Sasquatch, star of the brand’s award-winning “Messin’ With Sasquatch” advertising campaign, and now have added “Meat Romney” and “Barack Obameat” to their artistic gallery.

It was no small undertaking as each portrait took approximately 50 hours and 50 bags of jerky to create. It required Mecier to hand apply countless pieces of jerky to each portrait and in order to provide a broad color palette he relied on a variety of meat types and flavors.

“We think this is one election that Jack Link’s jerky fans, regardless of their political affiliation, can really sink their teeth into,” LeFever said.

Those interested in voting are encouraged to visit JackLinks.com or Facebook.com/JackLinksBeefJerky. One voter will receive a $5,000 Snack Stimulus prize package.


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