Macy’s launches Pride + Joy campaign

NEW YORK — In commemoration of National LGBTQ Pride month, Macy’s and its employees will participate in 23 Pride parades, hold in-store events nationwide celebrating diversity and offer special merchandise to help support the fight for LGBTQ equality.

“Diversity and inclusion is at the core of our success in growing relationships with our customers and partners. Macy’s is proud to recognize and honor our LGBTQ employees and customers during Pride month with our nationwide Pride + Joy campaign. These festive celebrations and community initiatives showcase our steadfast commitment to inclusiveness in all aspects of our business,” said William Hawthorne, SVP, diversity strategies and legal affairs, Macy’s. “During Pride month and throughout the year, we will remain committed to supporting the LGBTQ community through a variety of initiatives including our longstanding partnership with the Human Rights Campaign.”

Macy’s Pride + Joy celebration also features commemorative advertising and window displays, gift registry booths for couples in select cities, celebrity appearances and sponsorship and employee participation in Pride parades across the country.

Via partnerships with national and local organizations such as the Trevor Project, Human Rights Campaign, Hetrick-Martin Institute and the New York City Anti-Violence Project, Macy’s support of the LGBTQ community goes beyond celebrations and extends to assistance provided through groups that help better the lives of all LGBTQ Americans.

For its consistent support of the LGBTQ community, Macy’s has received numerous top honors and awards for its outstanding record. This year, through Macy's continued partnership with the HRC, throughout the month of June HRC’s “Love Conquers Hate” merchandise will be available for sale at select locations including Macy's Beverly Center (Los Angeles, Calif.); Easton (Columbus, Ohio); Fountain Place (Cincinnati, Ohio); Herald Square (New York); Downtown Minneapolis; Union Square (San Francisco, Calif.); and West County (St. Louis, Mo.). Macy’s ensures 100% of all proceeds from the sale of HRC merchandise, including T-shirts, sweaters, hats and dog tags, will support HRC’s fight for LGBTQ equality. The special merchandise will also be available in October at Macy’s Cumberland (Atlanta, Ga.).

“With HRC pop-up shops in eight Macy’s locations across the country, Macy’s and HRC are taking the powerful yet simple message of ‘Love Conquers Hate’ to an unprecedented number of fair-minded Americans who support equality,” said Don Kiser, HRC’s creative director. “With the winds of change at our backs, we’re proud Macy’s is choosing to proudly stand with us on the right side of history.”

For Macy’s employees, the highlight of Pride celebrations is participation in parades in 23 markets nationwide. Macy’s participants helped kick-off Pride celebrations earlier this year in Phoenix, Ariz.; Miami and Melbourne, Fla.; Birmingham, Ala. and Kansas City, Mo. Throughout the months of June, July, August and October, Macy’s Pride will be in full effect during 18 more parades in the following cities: Los Angeles, Calif.; Boston, Mass.; Pittsburgh, Pa.; Columbus, Ohio; Houston, Texas; Minneapolis, Minn.; Cincinnati, Ohio; New York; San Francisco, Calif.: Seattle, Wash.; St. Petersburg, Fla.; Chicago, Ill.; St. Louis, Mo.; Lexington, Ky.; San Diego, Calif.; Columbia, Mo.; Orlando, Fla. and Atlanta, Ga. At many of these parades employees will fly a Macy’s red star balloon and will distribute special Pride + Joy items to the crowds.

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