Partnership with Lowe’s powers online rebate center

Young America, an incentive marketing firm, has partnered with EcoRebates, a Web and mobile rebate solutions provider, to create an online tool that compiles utility energy rebates with available manufacturer or retailer-specific offers. Customers can easily find, apply and submit the incentive offers on a wide range of products.

Through this partnership, consumers can use the Lowe’s Online Rebate Center to search for combined utility and manufacturer offers to find lower prices for energy-efficient products, including appliances, light bulbs and paint. EcoRebates integrates incentives from manufacturers and merchants with more than 3,800 utility and state rebate programs, matching them with more than 200,000 product SKUs at the zip-code level. This gives Lowe’s customers access to multiple discounts in one platform.

"We are pleased to partner with Young America and EcoRebates to launch the Lowe's Rebate Center," said Harry Gardner, manager store policy and promotion at Lowe’s. "By integrating savings opportunities from multiple sources and simplifying the process, we're providing our customers a better informed shopping experience."

The Rebate Center allows consumers to search, submit and check the status of rebate submissions online. This is integrated with Lowe’s point-of-sale system, which alerts store associates of rebates on qualified purchases so they can let customers know at checkout.

“Many shoppers are unaware that utilities and state governments offer consumer rebates for buying energy-efficient products, or that multiple incentives can be combined to maximize savings,” said Joe Custer, president of Young America. “This new technology brings those offers into one single-page view, making it easier to find and apply all available discounts.”

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