Target ‘chills out’ with EPA group

Target is the newest member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s GreenChill organization. The decision to join the group comes as Target has been expanding the frozen and refrigerated capacity in its stores at a breakneck pace as part of the PFresh remodeling program. Greenchill is an EPA partnership with food retailers to help them reduce refrigerant emissions and decrease their impact on the ozone layer and climate change. GreenChill works to help food retailers transition to environmentally-friendlier refrigerants, lower refrigerant charge sizes, eliminate leaks and adopt green refrigeration technologies, strategies and practices.

The decision was announced with a fair amount of fanfare at a Target store in Hudson, Wis., where Target uses some of the most advanced refrigeration technologies.

“The GreenChill program is a great example of what can happen when businesses and the public sector work together to reduce the impact on our environment,” Ron Kind, a Democratic congressman from Wisconsin said at the event. “These are important steps in making real progress toward conserving energy and I’m pleased to see these solution-driven initiatives working in our own backyard.”

Keilly Whitman, EPA’s program manager for GreenChill added, “GreenChill is very proud to welcome Target as its latest and largest food retail partner. As Target expands its fresh food assortment throughout the nation, excellent refrigeration management will become more and more important for the company’s environmental responsibility goals. Target’s partnership with GreenChill is a commitment to the public that the company is protecting the environment during its expansion.”

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