There’s more than one way to generate traffic

Sharp pricing on an expanded assortment of food and consumables is one way for Target to get customers to shop its stores more frequently, but this week saw the company break out another type of trip generator with the cover of its weekly ad featuring tee shirts and shorts at an opening price point of $3.

At that price, moms have pretty low expectations of quality. Cut and color matter more than the finish work on seams, since the clothes only need to last for a couple months until summer. The garments will be outgrown by next summer and the cycle repeats itself.

From Target’s perspective, the cheap kids clothes are a powerful draw to get mom in the door where she is likely to purchase stuff for herself as well as other kids’ summer time products. For example, another section of the circular featured such products as Allegra, vitamins, Neosporin, Band-Aids, and children’s Advil as part of an offering of family wellness essentials.

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