Toys ‘R’ Us looks to get a Black Friday sales boost

Toys “R” Us has enlisted Eyeview, a leading provider of personalized digital video advertising solutions for brand marketers, to help the retailer promote Black Friday deals, boost foot traffic and ultimately increase sales.

The solution, called the Black Friday Booster, enables retailers to deliver thousands of personalized, hyper-local targeted video ads, customized by individual customer preferences and local store deals.

With the Black Friday Booster, retailers can deliver hundreds of thousands of personalized, relevant video ads according to the demographic, purchase behavior and geo-location of each unique viewer nationwide. Eyeview’s solution enables brands to advertise Black Friday doorbuster products that are specifically targeted based on each individual consumer’s preferences, on a mass scale. In addition, the Black Friday Booster will also feature a countdown to Black Friday and a map of the local retailers closest to each viewer, based on their location.
“Consumers are so inundated with Black Friday advertisements and deals, it’s impossible for retailers to cut through the noise and reach their customers with deals and products that are specifically relevant to them, especially on a local level,” said Oren Harnevo, founder and CEO, Eyeview. “The Black Friday Booster solution allows retailers with multiple stores to advertise deals via personalized video on a hyper-local level, customized based on individual customer preference. Meaning the right video ad will be seen by the right consumer.”

Eyeview’s partners include Target, Comcast, Lowe’s, Officemax, Expedia, Toyota and Burger King.



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