Walmart’s Duck Dynasty dilemma

Walmart stores are loaded with merchandise based on the popular A&E show "Duck Dynasty" but now the retailer faces an uncertain demand climate following comments the show’s star made in a magazine article which rubbed people the wrong way and got him suspended.

Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the family feature in A&E’s "Duck Dynasty" reality show, was featured in the January issue of GQ magazine and he offered a wide range of comments on the subject of Christianity, sin, homosexuality and the treatment he saw blacks receive as a young man growing up in the south. His comments were quickly derided and A&E sought to distance itself from Robertson while maintain the rather absurd position that his personal beliefs are not reflected in the show.

Walmart had not commented on the situation late Thursday but the retailer is said to account for roughly half of the $400 million in merchandise sales the show generates.

Click here to read the GQ article.



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