2012-06-13 12:34
2012-05-11 09:39
2012-04-10 13:08

In March there was a decline in the number of circulars overall, however, pages per flyer increased. The increase in pages was primarily due to a significant increase in Walmart and Toys"R"Us page counts. Much of the promotional activity was driven by Easter falling earlier in April as compared to 2011.

2012-03-09 18:06

Overall, February witnessed a year-over-year decline in total flyer circulation per market as well as pages per market. Conversely, the biggest change in this month was witnessed by Walmart, which saw a considerable jump in flyer circulation as well as the number of pages. This dramatic increase of 122% increase in flyer drop was mainly due to the two extra flyers dropped in the second and fourth week of February this year unlike the previous year.

2012-02-06 18:28

The year got started with an overall drop in circular counts per market from five flyers to four flyers compared with January 2011.

2012-01-10 17:00

Following a wild ride during Black Friday, the last month of the year in 2011 saw most retailers maintaining similar levels of promotional activities when compared to 2010. The majority of advertisers either saw slight increases in circular and page counts or stayed flat. When looking at both page counts and circular drops overall there was not much change, with a 2% decrease in number of pages and a 1% drop in number of inserts per market. 

2011-12-12 11:47

The Holiday Shopping Season got off to a fast start with sales numbers increasing by 6.6% compared with last year, according to Shopper Trak. Promotional activity started earlier than usual and helped shoppers stay in the know as to where they could find the best deals. Leading up to Black Friday, increases were seen in print for both page counts and circular drops in many instances. In digital there were increases in volume and frequency of online, email and social promotions.

2011-11-10 17:07

Overall, there was a slight upward trend in both size of inserts and circulation, with a 5% increase in the number of pages per insert and 2 % increase in the average number of inserts across markets.

2011-10-13 12:49

Promotions during September saw mixed outcome with some retailers increasing the number of pages and inserts, while the rest decreased the volume of promotions.