Walmart News Now

10/12/2011 - 10:16

Gov. Jerry Brown of California vetoed a bill that would have required comprehensive economic-impact reports before big-box superstores could begin construction.

10/11/2011 - 11:38

Increased localization of shopper marketing efforts at Walmart is now possible via Facebook following the retailer’s announcement that it would create approximately 3,500 store-specific Facebook pages to serve its nearly 9.5 million fans.

10/10/2011 - 12:39

The NPD signed a point-of-sale cooperation agreement with Sam’s Club, the Wal-Mart Stores division, to receive and analyze sales information from Sam’s Club U.S. clubs and

10/06/2011 - 17:20

Walmart is set to hold its 18th annual fall analysts’ meeting next week and provide insight into a broad range of growth strategies, domestic turnaround efforts and international expansion.

10/06/2011 - 16:31

A moderately better than expected 5.3 % September same-store sales increase was driven by broad-based gains in most categories nationwide, Target reported on Thursday.

10/06/2011 - 16:28

Americans spent lots of money on apparel in September, and that could be good news for Walmart where last we heard from stores division president and CEO Bill Simon apparel was a key areas where he was confident the retailer would see ongoing improvement during the back half of the year.

10/06/2011 - 16:26

Costco is increasing the price of its membership fees, giving Sam’s Club the green light to follow suit, although such a move seems unlikely at this time.

10/06/2011 - 16:22

A couple of promotional pieces from Walmart hit the marketplace in recent weeks underscoring that Walmart may be nearing the completion of its Project Impact course correction strategy.