Consumer Electronics Sentiment Report

Holiday recap and 2012 outlook

The 2011 holiday season was another wild ride in the consumer electronics space and 2012 promises more of the same as the CE category remains the most dynamic in retail. This exclusive report based on original research from Market Research Solutions (MRS) is must-reading for those attending CES as it explores the wide range of factors that influenced holiday sales as well as key issues for 2012. The insights were provided by 272 CE department managers at the United States’ largest and best known electronics retailers who were surveyed by MRS in early December.

These survey participant provided uncommon insights into marketplace in such areas as:

  1. Expectations regarding top categories for 2012.

  2. Holiday hotties! Which brands were most in demand at which retailers.

  3. A Black Friday post mortem regarding trends in customer traffic/transactions.

  4. The most exciting brands for the coming year.

  5. An assessment of inventory levels.

  6. Price transparency and ad match guarantee utilization.

  7. Extended warranty attachment rates.

This 20 page report is available for secure download for $199. To preview a free sample page click here or siimply click the link below to immediately access your copy of the Consumer Electronics Sentiment Report and be on your way to a successful CES.