Rob Duncan
Chief Operating Officer of Alpine Access

Rob Duncan is Chief Operating Officer of Alpine Access, Inc. Rated the #1 contact center and CRM outsourcer for client satisfaction by the Black Book of Outsourcing, Alpine Access provides customer service and technical support to Fortune 1000 companies in the financial services, communications, technology, healthcare, retail, travel and hospitality sectors. For more information, visit the Alpine Access website at

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  • Mon 12/12/2011

    Let’s face it – the Internet has made comparing prices before you buy a no-brainer. Recent surveys show that consumers are more cost conscious than ever before, which means they will accept nothing less than the lowest price. Increased competition and mounting expense pressures have prompted retailers to turn over every rock in an effort to control costs. Every area of a retailer’s business is now under intense scrutiny and divisions previously thought of as “expense” centers, are being required to either generate revenue or be eliminated.