Product Safety 2.0

Several key stakeholders within the product safety ecosystem participated recently in a Retailing Today webinar titled Product Safety 2.0. The event held Nov. 13 featured participation from Robert J. Howell, Jr., deputy executive director, safety operations, with the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, Ken Hinson, senior director, U.S Product Safety and Compliance at Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., and Matt Smith, founder and chief strategy officer with ICIX, a provider of cloud-based product safety solutions.

The trio shared their views on key developments, challenges and opportunities in the world of product safety informed by their unique vantage point into the regulatory and retail world. For example, Howell shared insight into CPSCs’ e-filing initiative and key product categories that represent major safety concerns. Walmart’s Hinson shed light on how the retailer leverages technology to mitigate risk, improve efficiency and keep pace with mounting regulatory requirements from federal, state and local agencies. ICIX founder Smith addressed the topic of best practices as it relates to establishing a product safety program.

One thing each of the participants made clear is that as the retail industry moves forward, technology is playing an increasing role in product safety just as it is in other areas of the customer experience.

To listen to a replay of the event, click here.