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Mall-based specialty retailer Express opened its first outlet store at a... more
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Most U.S. retailers make their first international foray in contiguous... more
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There is no one type of cyber criminal, just like there is no one kind of... more
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Michaels assured customers a previously disclosed data security issue had... more
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Around the globe, sellers from country A who promote their products as “... more
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Retail Store of the Year

Retailing Today sister publication Chain Store Age recently announced the winners of its annual Retail Store of the Year contest. Check out which retailers are providing shoppers with the most innovative designs.

Guest Viewpoint

Winning the race for omnichannel excellence

By Scott Aubitz, CMO and VP of product strategy for Minneapolis-based Quantum Retail

In the last 12 months the buzz around omnichannel has become the most consistently discussed trend for major retailers. It’s always noteworthy when a trend emerges and becomes a part of the mainstream conversation so quickly, but what is even more noteworthy...

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Walmart renews organic emphasis with Wild Oats

The Wild Oats brand will begin appearing on Walmart shelves this month as the retailer plans to offer 100 low priced organic dry grocery items.

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New CIO to lead Target’s breach recovery

Ongoing efforts to bolster cyber security at Target will take place under the leadership of an interim chief information officer and several other key positions the company is looking to fill with external candidates.

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Turning Supply Chain Pains into Gains for Suppliers and Retailers
Listen to the discussion on how routing guides can be used as a roadmap to stronger relationships between suppliers and retailers. more ...

ECRM: Retail Circular Activity

ECRM compared retail circular advertising in March 2013 versus March 2014 and...

Weather Trends

Weather Trends: April 2014

WTI expects April 2014 to trend the coldest in five years and drier than last year for the U.S. as a whole. . . .

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