JCP entices back-to-school shoppers with digital ‘Express Yourselfie’ campaign

J.C. Penney’s back-to-school marketing campaign aims to celebrate self-expression the way it’s done nowadays: with selfies.

Customers are invited to visit the retailer’s back-to-school online hub,, where they can create a personalized emoji that resembles them. Users can customize their emoji with accessories and hairstyles and post it side-by-side with their selfie, to share with friends as well as on J.C. Penny’s "Express Yourselfie" online gallery.

This interactive digital experience takes place on the retailer’s dedicated landing page, and not on any social media channels, namely Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where its target market spends a significant amount of time and which would enable the retailer to reach out to a wider audience.

The campaign kicks off today with two television spots, "Stand Out" and "My Fit," as well as a Hispanic marketing spot.



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