Publix posts same-store sales increase of 2.2% for fiscal 2012

LAKELAND, Fla. — Publix on Friday recorded fiscal 2012 sales of $27.5 billion, up 1.9%. However, 2012 year-end sales included a 52-week period, versus 2011 year-end sales that were tracked over a 53-week period. Excluding that extra week, sales for 2012 would have been up by 3.8%. Same-store sales were up 2.2% for the year. 

“I’m pleased with the improvement in our operating results for 2012, a 52-week year, as compared with 2011, a 53-week year,” stated Publix CEO Ed Crenshaw. “As a result of our associates’ efforts, our stock price reached a new all-time high after considering stock splits.”

Net earnings for 2012, a 52-week year, were $1.6 billion, a 4% increase. Earnings per share increased to $1.98 for 2012, up from $1.90 per share in 2011.

Publix’s sales for the fourth quarter of 2012, a 13-week period, were $7 billion, a 3.6% decrease from last year’s $7.2 billion, a 14-week period. Excluding the additional week in the fourth quarter of 2011, sales for the fourth quarter of 2012 would have increased by 3.4%. Comparable store sales for the fourth quarter of 2012 increased 1.2%.

Effective March 1, 2013, Publix’s stock price increased $0.70 from $22.50 per share to $23.20 per share. Publix stock is not publicly traded and is made available for sale only to current Publix associates and members of its board of directors.




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