2016-03-28 12:59

Many retailers are lagging in their EMV adoption efforts, and many consumers may not care that much.

2016-03-28 10:26

Walmart is partnering with five suppliers to launch an omnichannel fundraising initiative that is sure to appeal to many of its shoppers. 

2016-03-25 16:12

Online luxury consignment goods retailer The RealReal continues to make moves in the physical world as it seeks to simplify how customers interact with its innovative retail model.

2016-03-25 13:18

Concerns about channel conflict once kept brands from selling to direct to consumers, but not anymore. Branded suppliers selling direct is one of the biggest trends in retail and the shift is creating new growth opportunities for consumer goods companies.

2016-03-25 11:27

Amazon.com is opening a state-of-the-art distribution center in Edgerton, Kansas, to fulfill orders for large items such as refrigerators or kayaks.

2016-03-25 11:06

Leveraging its status as a leading lingerie retailer, Victoria’s Secret has released the 2016 edition of its “What is Sexy?” list compiled with social media input to support the launch of several new product lines.

2016-03-24 13:33

Online cashback shopping platform Ebates is branching more heavily into the mobile shopping arena with the acquisition of mobile product discovery app Shopular.

2016-03-24 13:30

Apple Pay may finally be getting ready to move beyond mobile apps into the world of mobile browsers.

2016-03-24 10:35

The Finish Line Inc. says its efforts to improve digital fulfillment rates are paying off, as the sporting goods retailer posted an increase in same store sales in the fourth quarter.