2016-05-25 11:07

After an 18-month hiatus on expansion, Amazon.com is reportedly preparing to roll out its AmazonFresh grocery delivery service to new markets including Boston and the U.K.

2016-05-24 10:27

Asda, the U.K. subsidiary of Walmart, wants customers to have unencumbered access to desired products.

2016-05-23 12:05

The formerly online only retailer The Wine Cellar Group isn’t afraid of competition.

2016-05-19 13:30

Online specialty luggage retailer eBags is looking to attract “new” shoppers with what has come to be considered an “old” technology platform.

2016-05-18 13:58
Online reviews, for better or worse, are a permanent part of online reputation marketing for most businesses. 
2016-05-13 13:24

The ubiquity of consumer smartphones offers retailers a new purchase channel, as well as a new tool for customer outreach.

2016-05-13 13:17

Virtual reality (VR) has been gaining traction in retail recently, with major retailers turning to the bleeding-edge technology as a customer engagement tool. 

2016-05-12 15:29

Walmart offered its own version of the Amazon Prime Day online sales event last summer, and now is directly taking on Amazon Prime.

2016-05-12 15:01

 Walmart is escalating competition with Amazon’s Prime service.