2015-10-15 13:50

With electronic devices in the hands of so many kids, YouTube is becoming a major force in driving their wish lists, according to a new report from Reuters.

2015-10-15 13:25

Instead of sending holiday cards, retailers with physical stores may want to send texts, instead.

2015-10-15 13:11

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel recently interviewed people who had already finished their 2015 Christmas shopping. And while they might seem like “very, very sick people,” as Kimmel put it, in the e-commerce world they would be behind schedule. If you haven’t started prepping your online store for the holidays, it’s beyond time to get rolling.

2015-10-15 13:00

Online beauty and grooming retailer Birchbox is moving into product development as the company launches its own brand of beauty products.

2015-10-15 12:56

Amazon.com has joined the cadre of retailers weighing in on the hottest toys of the holiday season by curating a list of more than 1,000 toys for kids.

2015-10-15 10:34

Costco is adding a bit of digital expertise to its ranks with its latest new board member.

2015-10-14 17:58

A new survey from Colloquy is highlighting some of the differences between millennial consumers and other demographics when it comes to loyalty programs.

2015-10-14 16:44

Nordstrom plans to hire about 11,800 seasonal employees for the coming holiday season, mostly for sales and stock positions at the upscale chain and its less pricey Nordstrom Rack locations.

2015-10-14 16:03

Another entity is offering in-app mobile purchase functionality, and it’s not a retailer or a technology provider.