Mat Atkinson
Founder and CEO of ProofHQ

Mat Atkinson is the founder and CEO of ProofHQ, an online proofing solution helping marketing teams deliver projects faster and more efficiently. ProofHQ is used by thousands of companies across the world, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to freelance designers. Before ProofHQ, Atkinson founded Mtivity, a software company providing workflow and automation solutions for enterprise marketing teams and print service providers.

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  • Wed 5/16/2012

    The steady erosion of newspaper circulations naturally has led many to predict that the printed ad circular is not much long for this world and will quickly disappear as consumers demand more digitized ads and coupons. Last year, the Associated Press, along with 32 other publishers and 30 retailers, launched iCircular to help stave off declining ad revenue. Even Google has jumped into the fray with the launch of Google Circulars, a service that creates digital versions of full-page print inserts normally found in newspapers, with the goal of “trying to get online visitors into [offline] stores.” From the stark decline in demand for print publications, it appears that printed circulars are well on their way to extinction…or are they?